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Proper Care for Flatwork Ironer
Covers - Tapes - Chests

Is your plant experiencing any of the following problems:









If the answer is “yes” to any of these problems, your plant is not alone. These are the most common complaints regarding flatwork ironers in the industry and they can be solved.

The common denominator is FRICTION caused be dirty chests and accumlated buildups. Eliminate the cause of the friction with periodic chemical cleaning - it is fast and easy. A once a week cleaning along with normal lubrication should solve most problems and increase the effIciency of any flatwork ironer.

If a flatwork ironer has heavy buildups, the simple use of a Screenback Cleaner Cloth in conjunction with a cleaner and lubricant is a quick and easy way to eliminate problem buildups that decrease an ironers efficiency. A clean ironer chest with well lubricated covers will improve productivity and lengthen the life of a flatwork ironers covers and tapes.

Cleaning Procedures

Clena Paste and Clena Combo
Temperatures to 350° - 425° F

WEEKLY: Use a sheet

1. Spread 12 to 18 inches of cleaner across the width of sheet.

2. Fold in half and run through the ironer at slow speed close to the right side. Open and return the sheet at single thickness.

3. Repeat with a second treated sheet and run through the left side. Open and rerun sheet at a single thickness.

4. Run enough damp sheets through the ironer to remove unwanted residues that have been cleaned and released.

5. In the event of excessively dirty chests, it might be necessary to repeat additional times or use a screenback cleaner cloth.

6. After cleaning it is necessary to always lubricate.

Lubricating Procedures

Clena Kote, Clena One Shot, KNW, Euro-Slide, & Powdered Wax
Temperatures to 350° F.

Clena High Temp Lube, One Shot or High Temp Powdered Wax
Temperatures to 350° - 425° F.

WEEKLY: Use a cotton flannel applicator cloth

1. Once a week spread 12 to 18 inches of LUBRICANT across the width of a flannel applicator cloth, making sure the cloth is satured with LUBRICANT.

2. Fold in half and run through the ironer at slow speed.

3. Open and rerun a second time.

4. Follow the waxed applicator cloth to pickup any residue and polish chest.

5. When finished hang applicator cloth in open air to cool then store in a closed metal drum.

DAILY: Use the same cotton flannel applicator cloth saturated for the week

1. Make sure the cloth is saturated with lubricant and run through the ironer early morning and around lunchtime on a daily basis.

2. When finished hang applicator cloth in open air to cool then store in a closed metal drum.