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Clena Form #5

Press Head Cleaner and Polisher With Pumice


CLENA FORM #5 is a press head cleaner/polisher with pumice.

CLENA FORM #5 will clean and polish most hot surfaces.

CLENA FORM #5 can be applied using a Kleeno hand mitt for protection.

CLENA FORM #5 will not work on cold surfaces.


1. Put protective covering on hands and arms.

2. Apply CLENA FORM #5 by saturating a pad of medium grade steel wool or a damp cloth. Clean a small area at a time and wipe clean as you go.

3. Pass team through the grid plates. CLENA FORM #5 must be applied to a hot surface.

4. When the grid plate is completely cleaned remove the grid plate, wash with soap or detergent solution then dry and replace.


WARNING: Do not attempt to clean any hot surfaces without adequate covering on hands and arms.

We suggest a Resillo Press Mitt.


Available in:

6 quarts per case

16 quarts per case