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Clena Eeze

Hot Surface Cleaner Without Abrasives


CLEN EEZE is specially formulated for those who prefer the use of a paste press cleaner without abrasives.

CLEN EEZE will clean any hot surfaces.

CLEN EEZE will remove any alkalis, silicates, or other accumulated residues from hot surfaces.

CLEN EEZE is environmentally safe.


1. Apply ample amount of CLEN EEZE to a cloth or towel and hold against hot surface to be cleaned.

2. Allow CLEN EEZE to sizzle and fry, holding the dampened saturated cloth against hot surfaces to be cleaned. Gently rub until residue releases.

3. For heavily built-up residues, saturate a pad of medium grade steel wool, place on a damp cloth and follow procedure #4.

4. Wipe the treated surface with a damp cloth to remove the excess build-up.

5. For heavily built-up residues,it may be necessary to repeat the above procedure.


WARNING: Do not attempt to clean any hot surfaces without adequate covering on hands and arms.


Available in:

12 jars per box

72 jars per case