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Clena Kool

Cold Surface Cleaner - New and Improved Formula


CLENA KOOL is especially formulated for those who prefer the use of a liquid press cleaner on cold surfaces.

CLENA KOOL will remove alkalis, silcates, or other accumulated residues on ironing or pressing surfaces.

CLENA KOOL is environmentally safe.


1. Apply ample amount of CLENA KOOL to a clean cloth and apply to metal surface to be cleaned. For those hard to clean surfaces use a medium grade steel wool such as .002 or .003 grade.

2. Rub in a circular motion until residues start to loosen.

3. Wipe treated surface with a damp cloth to remove all loose residues.

4. For excessively heavy residues it may be necessary to repeat the above procedures.

5. Use regularly for easy maintenance and clean surfaces.


Available in:

1 lb. containers 6 per case

16 per case

1 gallon containers available special order