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American Laundry Products acquires Clenacorp Effective January 1, 2017
IRONER & FOLDER BELTINGS / Polyester Beltings /

Clena Polyester Belting

Clenacorp’s 100% Polyester Belting has been specifically designed and woven to outlast conventional cotton beltings used for feed or folder ribbons


Thorough field testing has shown that the long life of CLENA POLYESTER RIBBONS work well in larger plants running 14 to16 hours a day. Maintenance crews will not have to spend the time changing belts as often as conventional cotton ribbons.

CLENA’S POLYESTER BELTING contains impregenated WX-54 Anti-Static compounds which reduces linen cling on folder ribbons.

CLENA’S POLYESTER BELTING has increased tensile strength over cotton belting for longer life and is virtually indestructible.

CLENA’S POLYESTER BELTING is pre-shrunk and heat set to withstand temperatures in excess of 425°F.

CLENA’S POLYESTER BELTING minimizes lint build up on ribbons.

CLENA’S POLYESTER BELTING has extremely low elongation resulting in minimum stretch.

CLENA’S POLYESTER BELTING will not absorb moisture, oil, or grease as readily as cotton belting.


Available in:

2” 125 yards per roll

2½” 125 yards per roll

3” 125 yards per roll

4” yards per roll

Available in Green for lane marker ribbons