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Resillo Kleeno Pads


RESILLO KLEENO PADS increases flatwork production

RESILLO KLEENO PADS improves quality finish

RESILLO KLEENO PADS cuts down "go backs"

RESILLO KLEENO PADS works perfectly with all chest-type flatwork ironers.

RESILLO KLEENO PADS regular pad is 65" wide,

RESILLO KLEENO PADS is made for small roll steam ironers.

RESILLO KLEENO PADS are made with steel wool and partial mesh. The Steel Wool is welded into the mesh.

Type L is 65" wide for large roll Ironers. Same as regular Kleeno except it has a 72" leading edge. It contains a 30" steel wool cleaning surface.

Premier Pad is for also for Large roll ironers. This pad contains a 72" cleaning surface. The abrasive in this pad is an aluminum mesh.



Regualar 65" wide x 72" long

Type L 65" wide x 118" long