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Resillo Continuous Belt Cleaners


RESILLO BELT CLEANING PAD is a belt type pad designed to clean excessively dirty flatwork ironer chests.

RESILLO BELT CLEANING PAD is constructed of heavy cotton duck made to fit around a given amount of rolls on the ironer. It has 9” wide strips of flat wire knotted aluminum mesh, as well as cleaning strips made of layered aluminum mesh.

RESILLO BELT CLEANING PAD can be wahed but allow to air dry; “DO NOT EXTRACT”. Cold water is preferred and do not use alkali.

RESILLO BELT CLEANING PAD is made of exact lengths to fit a specified number of rolls and roll sizes. It is made in 36” and 72” widths. Extensions are made to enable the pad to be used on ironers with additional rolls on request.



1. Remove all flatwork ironer tapes from the ironer.

CAUTION: The cleaning belt fits around the flatwork ironer rolls only. (DO NOT FEED THE BELT AROUND THE TAPE RODS OR FINGER ROLL.)

2. The RESILLO BELT CLEANING PAD feeds into the ironer with pressure on and the aluminum mesh portions facing the chest side of the ironer. It is fed through the ironer and around the last roll. Then brought forward over the top of the rolls in the same manner as a tape is installed on the ironer. The trailing edge is brought around the first roll and both edges are secured together with the Velcro attachments.

3. Clena products can be applied to the aluminum mesh strips while the cleaning pad is in use to assist in cleaning and polishing the chest. Cleaning results have been excellent with Clena Form #5,

4. After the flatwork ironer is cleaned, roll or fold the belt cleaning pad and store in a dry place.

5. Always wax the ironer after each use of the CLENA SCREENBACK or in conjunction with any other cleaner.